Théâtre du Liban is an authentic restaurant in the heart of Casablanca, which offers its guests the
best theatre experience with a gourmet dinner.
It offers a unique setting where the harmony of the show subtly blends with the richness of Lebanese
Our theatre-restaurant contains a huge room whose warmth invades you as soon as you get in, and
in front of which extends a majestic stage. It also includes an American bar that offers a wide range
of original cocktails. On the front of the stage as well as on the first floor, the restaurant has several
lounges for your dinners with family, friends or colleagues.


Much more than a restaurant in Casablanca, we are a music hall. Our restaurant provides to its
guests the pleasure of sharing a dinner with friends or family while enjoying an exceptional show.
Our originality comes from our concept of sharing unforgettable moments of happiness. This
concept appears in all aspects of our restaurant from the organization of the place, through the
menu and ending with the fabulous show.
A refined blend of atypical cuisine and a theatre experience, our restaurant is one of the trendiest
places in town.


During the shared dinner, our show will take you on a tour of the artistic world.
Singing, acrobatics and music of various origins, our show includes a wide range of acts that will give
your evening a memorable touch.morable.


On our menu, our clients will find refined Lebanese cuisine. This cuisine is known for its rich flavours. It is the symbol that reflects the legendary sense of Lebanese hospitality, so it is a cuisine that encourages the sharing of delights.


Our international artists will show you their different talents and present you a show rich and diversified. This show is a perfect combination of oriental art and multiple western inspirations.

Dani Nour

is a Lebanese confirmed artist in the Arab world. He started his career at the age of nine and has a strong singing background. The Lebanese singer impressed the audience with his charisma and his performance on stage.


Turkish-Algerian, Singer and Actress, has a very rich career: she made her debut on the Parisian scene. She did a duet with cheb Khaled, Fulla, and was on stage with Myriam Fares. She is also a teacher of stage expression.

Anas Fahassa

A 22-year-old young artist, he started playing music at an early age. He plays on
several instruments: Piano, guitar... but he is well-known for his amazing voice. He participated in The Voice show. He has performed in several national stages.

Abir Elabed

Fatima Zahra Fannane

Moroccan, graduate of the Fratellini Academy of Paris, Fatima Zahra does
several choreographies on stage with a remarkable performance of Aerial Art Show. She is the first to obtain a circus certificate in Morocco.

Abdelali Anouar

Issued from a family of artists, Abdelali has won several art competition awards.
Known for his exceptional talent, he has sung on national and international stages.
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